After 25 years, it’s over. The adventures of Ash and Pikachu ended this late morning in Japan. The emotion is great among Pokemon fans.

A page turns for Pokemon . After more than 25 years Ash and Pikachu are stepping down. Two decades later, the duo that marked an entire generation has achieved its ultimate goal. The teenager has become the best trainer. It was only a matter of time before the boy from Bourg Palette hung up his cap. It is now done. An event which made react the fans of the whole world and the emotion is with go.

End clap for Ash and Pikachu

Ash and Pikachu’s adventures are over. The last episode of the Pokemon anime dedicated to the one who promised that he would one day be the best trainer was broadcast this Friday, March 24, 2023 in Japan. No big defining moments for this goodbye, but a poignant ending to a story that many fans have followed for two decades. Finally, this touching farewell was spread over several episodes bringing back familiar faces including Pierre and Ondine, the duo’s first travel companions, but also to their first Pokemon including Squirtle , Bulbasaur and Charizard, not to mention the Team Rocket tricksters. always there to play tricks on us. 

The chapter is closed and new protagonists will therefore have the difficult task of replacing this cast which accompanied the childhood of many players and fans of the license. Who knows ? Maybe they will cross paths with Ash and Pikachu one day? Nothing is excluded. On the Web, this farewell naturally made many Internet users who grew up with the duo react. “S acha and Pikachu have been present throughout my life. They made my darker days better, they sparked my passion and love for Pokemon . They were a real comfort to me. I was so used to seeing them every day and now I have to get used to them not being there anymore… ”, explains a user, whose message resonated with many people. 

A great emotion within the Pokemon community

Thank you messages for the two iconic Pokemon characters have been flowing for a few hours. Many Internet users have expressed their emotion. “ Thank you for all these adventures, all these lessons that you have taught us for so long. Ash, Pikachu and your gang will always hold a special place in our lives ,” one person also comments. Similar messages accumulate as the minutes pass.

Since its first broadcast on TF1 in 2000, Pokemon has become a real phenomenon whose popularity has continued to grow. Games, tournaments, anime, films, derivative products… if the most emblematic trainer will no longer be on the small screen, the license has a bright future ahead of it. As for the series, a new duo will therefore be introduced next week. It notably features the 3 starters from the Paldea region discovered in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Just like the Team Rocket replacements , which have already been revealed.



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