Nintendo has rolled out Nintendo Switch 16.0.1 update and its various models. A simple routine patch? Here are the changes it brings.

The second Nintendo Switch update of the year has arrived. The latest patch had caused some disappointment due to the lack of major new features. Version 16.0.0 had indeed added the ability to transfer screenshots and videos to a computer or smartphone via a QR code… and that was about all of the notable features. A month later, Big N is rolling out a new update, here’s what it brings.

Nintendo Switch 16.0.1 update is here

The Nintendo Switch and all of its versions go to version 16.0.1. Still no major update on the horizon, since it also does not contain any new features or interesting changes, at least on paper. This is more of a routine update aimed at improving the performance and stability of the hybrid console, which generally also aims to fix vulnerabilities discovered in the system. Note that the controllers and Joy-Con do not need to be updated, nor does the Nintendo Switch OLED dock . Here is what this version 16.0.1 brings:

  • General improvements to system stability and user experience

Some hidden minor changes

At least, that’s officially. As usual, dataminer OatmealDome has been digging into the guts of this Nintendo Switch update to uncover the changes being made behind the scenes. As often, Big N takes advantage of this patch to modify its famous list of forbidden words in several languages ​​in order to reduce the number of erroneous blocks and to add or remove terms deemed offensive. We will also note a modification of the BCAT system module without the precise nature of it being known.

More roughly, this module provides background data transfer for running games and applications. For example, it can be used to update certain information in the background, such as special event type messages or online rankings. On the other hand, nothing too fancy aside either, since the patch only seems to correct a bug related to this system. If the Nintendo Switch 16.0.1 update is still not installed on your console, go to Settings, then to the “Console” sub-menu and select “Console Update”.



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