Profitability of photovoltaics

Few components determine the profitability of photovoltaics. These are primarily current electricity prices, the cost of the photovoltaic installation and the amount of subsidies available.

Photovoltaics and electricity prices

There is no doubt that electricity is constantly getting more expensive, and not only on the Polish market. The amount of electricity bills in our country in 2022 increased by approx. 24% compared to 2021.The cost of active energy alone increased by approx. 37%, while its distribution – by 8%. In addition, the Act on special solutions for the protection of electricity consumers in 2023, adopted by the Sejm in connection with the situation on the electricity market, draws attention to the problem of energy rationing by introducing electricity consumption thresholds above which electricity prices will increase. On the other hand, active energy generated from solar radiation is free.

Solar installation cost

The cost of installing photovoltaics, assuming the purchase of high-quality components, is about PLN 4,500-5,500 for 1 kWp, where 1 kWp equals about 1000 kWh. Therefore, if the average annual electricity consumption in an average house is 4,000 kWh, then the photovoltaic system should have a capacity of 4 kWp, and such an installation will cost about PLN 20,000 .

Subsidies for photovoltaics

From the investment “bill”, however, subsidies under the My Electricity program can be subtracted, under which you can receive funding of up to PLN 4,000 per project , as well as local government subsidies. What’s more, the owner and co-owner of a single-family house who will carry out thermal modernization of the building can count on deducting a significant amount from income tax.

In general, it can therefore be safely said that photovoltaics definitely pays off. The entire investment pays off in about 6-10 years and, contrary to appearances, it does not require a huge start-up capital. Especially that it is possible to spread the investment in installments, an excellent example of which is Photovoltaics from Orange: .

Photovoltaics from Orange – why is it worth it?

The offer from Orange – the largest independent energy seller in Poland, whose offers are already used by over 120,000 individual and business customers, says a lot about the high profitability of photovoltaics. Orange Energia allows you to pay 100% of the installation value in installments. What’s more, after the order is completed, the supplier issues a VAT invoice, on the basis of which you can deduct up to 32% of the value of expenses incurred for the thermal modernization of the building.

The Photovoltaics offer from Orange Energia includes the assembly of installations consisting of the highest quality components – and this translates into their excellent efficiency. The supplier also guarantees a reduction of the bill for green energy under the Clean energy from the sun offer by the value of the surplus energy produced and delivered to the grid from the photovoltaic installation. Added to this are the services of professionals as part of the home assistance package added to the Orange Energia offer – only benefits!


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