For many years, care for the resources of our planet has been an integral part of the activities of this company, which implements pro-ecological activities at the earliest stages of design, and then applies them in all subsequent stages through which products pass – production, use and recycling.

The American giant makes every effort to minimize the impact of its activities on the natural environment.

How big corporations can care about ecology?

The management of Apple, headed by Tim Cook, is happy to talk about the steps actively taken by the company. We can also read about all the activities in an extensive tab on the American brand’s website. The leader of the electronics market is constantly striving to improve production methods and minimize energy consumptionand also supports recycling programs , making every effort to rely as much as possible on environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials and substances. In addition, it tries to reduce waste generated in the production process, provides software tools to control energy consumption, and encourages its customers to use the recycling programs it provides.

Apple Carbon Neutrality

At the beginning of 2020, Apple has achieved carbon neutrality, and the development strategy for the coming years is to achieve full carbon neutrality of all products by 2030. The company announces that by then it will completely stop using artificially obtained energy sources in the production process. The brand that signs its products with the popular bitten apple actively works for the regions and communities most affected by climate change. By investing in natural sources of energy, Apple strives to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and support local communities in restoring biodiversity. Equipment designers are constantly trying to increase the proportion of recycled raw materials in the production process, maximize the efficiency of the materials used and minimize the amount of energy used.

Efforts to reduce energy consumption are not limited to the production process. Apple is actively looking for solutions to develop this process in its stores, offices and factories. All offices of the popular American brand are powered 100% from renewable energy sources, e.g. sun and wind. The company’s headquarters itself, located in Cupertino, California, is called by many the most ecological office building in the world. The energy for the entire building is provided by solar panels located on the roof, and the unused surplus goes to the city’s power grid.

iPhone – ecological smartphone

iPhones are one of Apple’s biggest sources of income. Making every effort to minimize greenhouse gas emissions in the process of production, storage and transport of products, as of 2020 the brand has abandoned the idea of ​​including accessories such as headphones or a charger in the sales set. This seemingly minor change allowed for a significant reduction in the size of packaging, thanks to which up to 70% more devices can fit on one pallet , which enabled faster supply of suppliers and a reduction of CO2 emissions by 2 million tons per year. Removing chargers from sales kits is equivalent to removing 500,000 cars from the streets every year!

Apple pro-ecological solutions

In addition to activities affecting the active reduction of toxic substances in the production process, Apple offers its users other solutions, including extended equipment insurance under the AppleCare+ service. Purchasing this additional insurance allows users of the equipment with a bitten apple to repair mechanical damage caused during the use of the equipment and thus extend the life of the product. In turn, in the Trade In option, the user has the option of returning the old device to Apple and thus obtaining a discount on the purchase of another product or receiving a gift card, and if the device does not qualify for financial gratification, the company will undertake free recycling of used equipment .

One of the most interesting features introduced by the iOS 16 operating system, so far only available in the United States, is the loading of the so-called. pure energy. When iPhone is plugged in, the app analyzes the available energy sources and optimizes the power supply to choose the most environmentally friendly energy, such as solar or wind energy. The company created by Steve Jobs is constantly moving with the times and all that remains is to wait for more solutions that create our reality.


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